We're Creative

At our core is a driving force that compels us to make things, whether its documentary about eagle hunters, a one shot music video packed full of crazy, or an branded short about dance, we live to make ideas into tangible realties that can be seen and experienced by large audiences.

We are Storytellers

Storytelling has been with humanity for a long time, stories entertain, educate and inspire us. This is a principle part of what we do. We listen and learn from you and together create something new.

We're passionate

We partner with you to make films, advertisements, documentaries, music videos, and promos. We are devoted to the projects we work on; they’re like our children.

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We are Little Beast

A production company dedicated to creating the best films around.

We are a group of individuals each with our own skillsets, abilities and personalities which we combine in unique ways to make the finest work.

We are by our very nature a tenacious crew came give us something we can get our carefully honed teeth into.


Concept Development

We have ideas and we have lots of experience of snatching them out of our collective mind and making them into fully-fledged treatments complete down to the final full stop.


We edit all our own things we find it best that way as we can maintain our obsessively perfectionist process from start to finish. But we also cut other peoples stuff, have something come at us.

Web Video

The Internet represents as many platforms for video as there are stars in the multiverse…, lots. We can make films for any of those platforms.

Music Video

Music means a lot to us, and thankfully it does to everyone else as well. We dig music videos they provide an utterly unique way for musicians and the labels that rep them to reach the world.

Corporate Video

Your company requires a video, lots of people make videos most are dreadful, come to us and we can make something unique together.


We partner with agencies and brands creating work, which is compelling, intelligent and meaningful without losing its core focus on ethos and message.

Event coverage

You want an event filmed, edited and delivered back to you in your required format. No hassles, no worries, no biscuit.


You want images of your band, office, building, face, gig, product, dog. We do those.


  1. Initial Concept

    You come to us with an idea or thought or your brand/company and we develop lofty ideas together.

  2. Treatment & Budget

    We create a treatment, covering story, shooting style, lighting, tone, cast, production design, music, actors and budget.

  3. Crewing & Production

    When you are happy we find the best Beasts for the job and after some further prep and pre-production we shoot the concept.

  4. Post Production

    We edit the footage into something sublime, before proceeding to colour correction, VFX, audio mix, sound design, and titles.

  5. Completion

    We deliver the final video in your desired format ready to share with the world.

Our Team

Luke Sweetman
"Filmmaking is both my passion and profession".
Jenny Moylan
"Seeing potential in stories and concepts is what I love, making something a reality is a great feeling. My job…
Kate Moylan
"Theatre & Film are very important to me because of the creative, entertaining & professional adventures they provide"
Johnny Cullen
"I like to make everything and anything especially when it’s creative and explores new ideas"
Esme McNamee
"Being able to capture art through a camera lens gives me incredible joy. Making beautiful images that capture and evoke…
Sarah Dunphy
"Bringing a story to life within the frame, using imaginative lighting design and originality in camera work, is what I…
Daniel Butler
"I enjoy finding new ways to express ideas or feelings whether it be writing, editing or directing. I get a…
Peter Madden
"If I can film and edit, I'm happy, if I can film and edit with a talented bunch of people…

What our clients are saying

"Little Beast put the images to our words"

The Hot Sprockets

"The guys behind Little Beast have grown with us from when we were a tiny festival to the success we are today, they have been an integral part of our success"


"Little Beast are the go to guys for live filming, no matter what the event they are cool professionals with brilliant results"


Some of our satisfied clients


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    As storytellers we at Little Beast are in love with Instagram, it’s a brilliant channel for communicating directly with people via the power of image. We use our Instagram account to share some shots of…

  • Little Beast for Electric Picnic 2014

    April 4, 2015

      As we get the first sniff of the heady mixture of sun, rain and good times that is the Irish summer we thought it might be of interesting if we took you through a…

  • Interning at Little Beast

    April 1, 2015identity-blog3

    We get a lot of people approaching us regarding internships and before you start to worry, don’t! We love it. One of the best things about filmmaking is the chance to collaborate with new and interesting…



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